Business sales

Selling businesses so as to maximise the financial returns to the owners, whether the owner is a company or private individual shareholders, is a specialist skill. The level of complexity is relatively high and small variations in the sale process can have a significant impact on the consideration received. Just some of the key factors to consider include:

  • what are the key strategic considerations in the sale process – is it all about the price, or do other factors come into play?
  • at what point in the business cycle is the best time to sell?
  • what valuation should you be looking for?
  • how do you prepare the business for sale so as to maximise the sale objectives?
  • how do you protect the business throughout the sale process?
  • who are the likely purchasers and how do we involve them in the process?
  • what are the advantages of running a tender process against a negotiated sale?
  • what representations and warranties should the vendor be reasonably expected to give?

Unless you have been through the process before, selling a business is much more complicated and arduous than you would think. The sale of most businesses with revenues of more than €2 million is a complex exercise, generally taking several months. The complexity comes from the large number of variables involved. To achieve the right result and to achieve your strategic goals from the sale process takes excellent planning, a lot of work and, most importantly, the right advice. We specialise in providing this advice.