Business acquisitions

There can come a time in a company’s development when organic growth is no longer sufficient to satisfy the shareholders. This can be because of the need to accelerate growth or, more defensively, because of poor growth prospects in the company’s current sector. Either way, badly executed acquisitions can be highly damaging to shareholder value. The use of experienced external advisors in the acquisition process can assist in:

  • setting the strategic objectives of the acquisition process and the acquisition criteria
  • identification of acquisition targets
  • making the initial approach on a “no-name” basis
  • valuation of the target company
  • structuring negotiations and the acquisition process
  • assistance with the conduct of due diligence so as to identify all key issues prior to any transaction
  • negotiation of documentation and closing of the transaction
  • post –merger integration support

Although the potential rewards are high, for any company the acquisition of another company usually involves a step into the unknown, and carrying out activities that are not in the core skill set of the company. Through the provision of expert advice and assistance, Albacore assists companies in tilting the risk / reward balance in their favour.